Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Post Redundancy, Part #2 - 2017

Whatever happened in 2017 must have been a continuation of the previous year, well, that goes without saying I guess?  I'm pretty sure that I must have either joined the adult autism charity in this year or 2016 - actually, I think that it may have been late 2016, so I'll amend that particular blog entry. I know from my email records that the first meeting I attended of my borough's Autism Partnership Board (APB) in November 2017.  I found it an odd concept and something which promised much but delivered very little in retrospect.  

So - an adult charity this time eh?  How did it differ from the children's groups?  Well, let's just say it wasn't an easy group to mix in with.  I'm pretty high functioning and therefore find it difficult to gauge the level of conversation so those with a learning disability can understand what on earth I am saying.  I don't struggle with guys like my brother-in-law because I'm used to him and he's pretty non-verbal anyway.  Some of the attendees were lovely though and really welcoming.  The Chair, let's call her Janey, was a bit odd though - incredibly self-assured and opinionated without having any academic background to her supposed professionalism.  

What I have been doing post redundancy - part one - 2016

So, it's 2016 and I'm no longer working as a civil servant; this is both good and bad.  Good because I have some kind of stability at home, but bad because my main sense of worth was achieved via my career.  On the very day the rock star Prince died, 21st April 2016, I had my first grand mal fit which was caused by a huge prescribed dose of Vitamin D mixed with my stomach acid medicine, Ranatadine.  I was rushed to hospital and given electrolytes to re-hydrate my system.  I was under the care of the neurologist for about five years, seeing him annually and having an ECG at King's College Hospital, but no problems were found.  I didn't suffer any further fits until July 2021, some five years later.  

Oh well.  I believe that it's later in 2016 when I make an attempt to join my local National Autistic Society (NAS) branch as a volunteer and end up creating their website.  The lady who taught me was lovely, was a cancer survivor, a great mum and an animal lover and I felt very welcome. Unfortunately, this lady was part of a sister charity and I didn't really like the NAS committee or the committee meetings because I found them to be both cliquey and disorganized - surely having huge swathes of paper littering up one's dining room table isn't particularly professional?  

So, after two or three months on the NAS committee I started to feel like a spare part.  I completed the first tranche of the website work and allowed Mr Logic, my husband, to show it to them as I felt too Aspie to attend that particular meeting.  I used a couple of open access Facebook pictures on there and Mr L said that two members of the committee hit the roof and asked me to take them down with immediate effect.  Quite frankly if you don't want your pictures used online then don't upload them to Facebook.  Me and Mr L resigned from the committee with immediate effect.  I also made a complaint to the Branch Officer regarding the shoddy way I was treated as an autistic woman.  She did nothing much about it.  

Saturday, 10 July 2021

It's July 2021

Yes it's that time of year again where everything is winding down towards the school summer break. Master Logic is going bonkers on it, more's the pity.  

Have I just emerged from a period of clinical depression caused by applying for my third attempt at obtaining Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Yes is the answer. Anyway, I completed the 'phone assessment last Thursday but I don't expect a favourable result.  Nope, nothing, nada, not a bean for poor old Mrs Logic - boo!

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Post #178 - It's March 2021

Yes it is, the calendar told me so and by that, I mean the Gregorian calendar, not the Julian, which according to Wikipedia, would mean that today is 19th February 2021 and not 7th March 2021. I wouldn't mind trying to regain those lost couple of weeks though - well, perhaps not - it's still Lockdown and the winter lingers on. The calendars I do use are Google and Samsung, although I'll probably just use the former as the latter doesn't link into Zoom, Skype or MS Team Meetings, which is a PITA.

I developed the lung lurgy last week and was laid up in bed with it, but the upshot is that my body is so many hours of sleep in credit that it didn't let me sleep at all last night - not a wink, not a snooze and certainly not a doze - nada, nothing.  It wasn't COVID-19 by the way - whenever anyone has a sniffle, that's what people think, but no, it's not that.  Anyway, I filled the wee small hours by watching re-runs of series four of the late lamented UK police procedural show The Bill.  This was first shown on ITV back in 1988, so I almost certainly watched it at the time - it's not as though as I had much to do as a geeky suburban teenager, in fact, PC Pete Ramsey looks slightly like my late elder brother, but my sibling didn't drive a vintage Porsche during the 1980s, in fact I think that he never managed to pass his driving test.  

The trouble with doing strange art projects during the night is that by the cold light of day, they're ... odd.  

I suppose that it was kinda necessary to test out the pens, but hey - art and design isn't really my bag or indeed my large black ugly mug. 

Friday, 15 January 2021

Post #177 - The Rules - Once Again ...

I received my email copy of one of the local disability charity's monthly newsletters today. Last month, in my post entitled The Rules I basically whinged about how I was scolded for breaking the one of the codes on their private Facebook group.  I'm not sure whether it was just that which triggered this particular link to them as an aide memoire?  

It makes sense I guess, but I was angry when I made the Facebook post.  Luckily, as regular readers will no doubt be aware, me and Facebook have parted company - permanently! 

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Post #176 - January - not the Pilot song

So, it's January 2021 and the UK is yet again under Covid-19 lockdown for about the umpteenth time.  Is it annoying because Master Logic isn't at school - yes; am I getting bored - yes; is there anything which can be done about it - no.  Adjusting to what everyone is calling The New Normal isn't quite as bad for us Aspies when you think about it.  

The broadband is playing up because it's overloaded - sigh!  Even Virgin Media cable is creaking.