Sunday, 5 August 2018

Post #142 - Did It Again

Yes, once again I've fallen out with a close friend over something I stupidly wrote on Facebook messenger whilst pretending to be my husband, Mr Random. The trouble is that 'my sense of humour' [quotes intentional] is odd and sometimes a little hurtful and I fully admit that it has caused me no end of trouble throughout my life.

I apologised. I'm not sure what else I can do, apart from donning sackcloth and ashes whilst being beaten by a leper colony.  My friend duly blocked me on WhatsApp and Facebook and generally shut me out of his life. 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Post #141 - Instagram

Social Media is a nightmare in the wrong hands and I rue the day I set up my son's Instagram account because this is the kind of stuff he's posting:

I mean, firstly it's kind of macabre, talking about your dead pet and some of the ashes of a dead grandmother (yes, it was his gran, not his great-gran ...) but then to start insulting one of your former classmate's videos.  We did try and tell him how to rectify things, but ...


At approximately 19:14 BST after seeing Ted get into an online spat with a former classmate I deleted his account. I honestly cannot foresee a time that he'll ever get back on social media as he hasn't got a flipping clue.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Post #140 - My Late Cat, Tilly.

We had my 18 year-old cat, Tilly, put to sleep at the Vet this morning.  It was very sad indeed and I burst into tears when her bright green eyes clouded over and she'd passed on. 

I am editing this post a few days on and it's odd being in the house without her as she as such a comforting presence (although her natural 'Tortietude' was rather loud at times and her breath, awful.)  We'd owned her since we moved into this house and she was a Cats' Protection rescue moggie, who'd been left in an empty house in a nearby suburb alongside her brother/litter mate, when her former owners had moved without taking their pets with them (nice people, huh?).  She was about three years old then and the Vet was able to guesstimate her age (from her teeth) at approximately three years of age.  We were advised to take her as a lone cat because her and her sibling didn't really get on (I can totally agree with this myself from bitter experience ...)

I recall her resisting, twisting and generally ranting when we attempted to brush her teeth; the fact that she required £30 more's worth of anesthetic as a result of her struggling during a tooth operation a few years ago was pretty standard.  She coped with Ted's birth and the distruption to the household from 2007 onwards and was a great mouser.  When I had my regular bouts of insomnia, she was downstairs, asleep, but meowed a little 'hello' to me if she was woken by me putting the light on. 

She'll be missed. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

Post #139 - Gay Paris Avec Ma Famille

Yep, I'm writing this from my hotel in Paris. The ladz are here with me too and it's my son's first ever trip overseas (or underseas because we travelled here by Eurostar). We have just eaten a sumptuous repast purchased from the local supermarche. 

Here's the shower room; there's no tray, merely a tiled floor and a drain. I haven't tried out the douche yet and do hope that the shower curtain doesn't attach itself to my wet skin.

The view from the window of an uninspiring courtyard.

The telephone is bizarre; who on earth are those people? Are they all dead now?

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Post #138 - Being An Independent Aspie

Mind you, but 'independent' I mean living with my husband and son, but hey, I'm not useless.  Far from it.  I think the experiences I've lived through over the past few weeks have really cemented the fact that I need to extricate myself from any charities, associations and anything connected to group activities.  The truth is the matter is that I'm just not a team player and cannot understand or indeed, abide, working with others, especially those with disabilities.  This isn't me being unfair or prejudiced - I just find other autistic people to be very tricky to deal with, as I'm sure that they do me!  I find myself getting very argumentative with them, that's for sure ...

In other news I'm on the NHS's waiting list for a diagnosis of Bipolar II; I saw my GP a week or so ago and I do meet the clinical threshold to be referred to a psychiatrist for further investigation.  I'm still experiencing symptoms of hypomania and wonder quite how long they'll last as it's been just over a month now.  It sounds better than it actually is, believe me!

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Post #137 - Nil Points Pour Le PIP

Regular readers, if there are indeed any, may recall that I recently attended a face-to-face assessment for PIP as described in an earlier post:

Right, so yesterday the DWP 'buff A5 letter of doom' plopped into the Logics' porch, I slit it open and it was a bit fat no.  Considering that I scored an amazing 2 points (yes, 2!) during PIP attempt #1 this was a double shock.  Nothing, nada.

So ... I'm currently drafting my Mandatory Reconsideration Notice.  I'm pretty annoyed, so it's full of vitriol, here's an extract:

"I told the Assessor that I have panic attacks when eating either in or out of the home; he stated that he had a nursing background, but didn’t seem to understand what ‘acid reflux’ was and called it ‘acid reflex’.  I have no idea how this man managed to pass the requisite examinations to qualify as a medical professional."

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Post #136 - Sabbatical

After the events of the last few weeks I have decided, for the good of my health, to take a bit of a step back from working with other people.  It'll be fine - I'll pick the role back up in September once Master Logic is safely settled into his secondary school.