Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Post #115 - Operation Desert Storm [Out]

Oh, I don't know at times, I find that as I grow older that I have less and less patience.  Take this morning for example, I was booked to complete a survey which was slated to take one hour this morning and a further hour tomorrow. Fair enough - I'm always punctual and polite with such tasks.  Unfortunately the whole thing went belly up and I was kept waiting around for twenty minutes or more with the remnants of food test #1 of 5.  I did complain quite loudly, but was ignored, so I flounced out.  It was a pity really, as that's £30 I've lost as a result.

Patience is a virtue I guess, but not necessarily one that I possess.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Post #113 - Just Dance, Websites and Being Rather Silly

I'll admit it - I'm not the world's most diligent person - half the time I'm not sure whether it's the SSRI antidepressant medication that I'm taking or the fact that I'm a natural sloth?  Anyhoo, I'm currently forcing myself to work out on the Wii using the Just Dance series of games which I purchased second-hand from the CEX Entertainment Exchange shop (yes, I always cringe when I have to use that particular acronym - it's a bit like being back at school ...)

I'm also designing a website for my local branch of NAS, which a really helpful member of a sister charity has set up for me.  I have to show it to the committee on Tuesday morning, but I'm having a bit of a play on the biography section at the moment:

Yes, I am a very silly person at times.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Post #112 - The Autism Research Centre (ARC)

Yesterday, after re-watching the excellent BBC Horizon programme presented by Professor Dame Uta Frith (PDUF!), which was first broadcast back in 2014 (here's a link to the background information about the documentary: and another, taking the reader to PDUF's interview concerning the 'theory of mind'

Today I have sent off my DNA sample to the Autism Research Centre, based at the UK's centre of autism research, Cambridge University and whilst I was logged onto their website, decided to complete a series of online tests, which quite frankly, made my brain hurt!  Oh well, it's all in a good cause I guess?  

Monday, 19 June 2017

Post #111 - The Times They Are A Changin' ...

Sang Robert Zimmerman back in the 1960s. My time is changing too and finally I'm finding my feet. I have made the decision to let my main Facebook account go dormant and use my other one instead because it only contains two people who currently work in the civil service on my list of friends. Why? Well, simply because my life is moving on.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Post #110 - Bridging The Gap

There are quite a few 'Bridging The Gap' charitable groups around the UK.  My local one aims to bring adults with autism together in a convivial environment twice a month.  Last night I went to my first peer discussion group with two hats on (not literally - it's far too hot at the moment to wear one, let alone two pieces of headgear ...) and despite feeling a tad nervous beforehand, really enjoyed it. The first metaphorical hat was that I wished to write a small piece for the NAS monthly newsletter and the second hat was representing myself, as a slightly socially excluded Aspergan.

It was pleasant to meet my former Aspies and Auties (or whatever people wish to class themselves as, if indeed they do.)  I can also be as geeky as I want without the need to censor myself.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Post #109 - The Sun And The Rain

It's a bit of an odd time in the UK at the moment - on one hand there's the increasingly frequent Terror attacks, the last of which took place in London Bridge and, of course, the impending General Election on Thursday, 8th June 2017.  The weather is also a bit, well, odd - it's a stormy old day out there at the moment and the DAB radio station, Absolute 80s rather aptly played Madness's The Sun And The Rain this morning:

Talking about Graham 'Suggs' McPherson, I really think that he'd make an excellent Mayor of London and I for one, would strongly support his campaign, should he wish to stand.  That said, I guess that he's too busy doing other things - leading his mates along Camden High Street in their classic 'Nutty Train' formation being one of them.  My husband attended the same north London comprehensive school as Suggs back in the 1970s, which is a bit of a lame to fame I know.