Sunday, 22 October 2017

Post #122 - Atypical [The Netflix Series]

Whilst searching for Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh* on Netflix I stumbled across this US series. I have watched S1 Eps 1 and 2 and Ep2 and really enjoyed it. It is much more preferable to other 'Aspie' series such as The Big Bang Theory, I believe perpetuates the myth that all Aspies posess genius level intelligence.  Ha.  Also, on Netflix there's a film called Jane Wants A Boyfriend: which I rather enjoyed too as the titular character is a female Aspie, but the actress who portrays her isn't on the spectrum.

*I later watched forty-six minutes of it and gave up.  It wasn't a patch on the original.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Post #121 - Asperger's And Me - Chris Packham's Documentary

I have just finished watching the documentary, which I enjoyed very much. Prior to me finding out that we share an Asperger's diagnosis, I had seen Chris Packham appear on various shows and particularly recall him saying on Room 101 that he threw away a series of children's drawings that he removed from a friend's kitchen. Bizarre.

Anyway, so many of Chris's oddities chimed with my own, although I have never eaten a tadpole, licked a beetle or practised kestrel husbandry.  Male Asperger's does project differently though.

As for the autism 'cures' over in the US, I don't really agree. There's also an interesting Louis Theroux documentary about the same subject area. It was sad, as a parent of an autistic son myself, to see a mother in pain.

My thoughts are that it's all very well to concentrate on an Aspergian's special qualities, but let's be frank, nobody really wants to employ you, do they?  Most of us are devoid of work.  A greater understanding of Autism/Asperger's is definitely required, but from previous experience I know that this can be difficult.  I will try to make it my life's work(!) to educate and inform people as much as I can, this is the main reason why I write this blog.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Post #120 - Error 404 - Page Not Found

To bring you, the reader, up-to-date I have decided to cease my volunteer work for a wee while. I wish that I could take criticism on the chin, I really do, but I cannot.  Therefore I made the decision to take the website offline.

Ya boo sucks to nobody. I wish that I were different.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Post #119 - Socialising [Insert Excuse Here ...]

Back in May, when my husband and  me joined the committee of our local autism charity I wrote a blog post questioning how long I would last.  Well ... it's now October and I'm struggling. Without going into too much detail and outing anyone, the committee is not really prepared to  understand that autism exists in a) females, and b) into adulthood. This is a bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion.

I experience such profound issues with socialising that I actively avoid it. Yesterday, I was supposed to attend a meet up with a few former colleagues I worked with back in 1998-2000, but I just couldn't cope with entering a busy public house at 7:30pm on a Saturday night. Therefore I made an excuse. As for pootling along to a  committee Christmas do at a vintage tea room, that's a bit beyond me too - also, my dispraxia would mean that I'd probably break the chichi bone china crockery.

Edit: after sharing this post online via Facebook and Twitter, I received some feedback and I have just emailed the Branch Officer to seek her advice regarding the charity conundrum.  

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Post #118 - Secondary Transfer

Ted is now in Year 6 and as such, will transfer to secondary school next year.  Today was the day that the results of the borough's selection tests (the 11+ in old money ...) were announced and as you can imagine - the playground was buzzing with parents discussing their offspring's future? 

Pah - we didn't even put Ted forward for the tests; we sought the advice of a wide range of professionals and the fact that he has the wonderful triad of ASD/ADHD and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) there was little or no point believing that, even if he'd even been deemed 'selective' that he'd be able to cope with the academic rigours of attending one of the borough's four grammar schools?  I sat the very same test back in the mid 1980s and failed it as did both of my brothers.  It's not a nice thought really - being deemed a 'failure' at the tender age of ten or eleven. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Post #117 - Volunteering Woes

As regular readers may be aware, that since May, I have been working as the volunteer communications officer in the local branch of my chosen charity. This involves drafting the monthly newsletter plus creating and webmastering the new online presence (the website).  My problem is that I'm not a perfectionist by nature and never have been, nor intend to be. This does cause a few issues in regard to working alongside more picky or strident people, as happened during my career quite a few times - it's those Belbin Team roles thing again!  I also take criticism badly and extremely personally.  I suppose that being an autistic female I should understand things a little better, but believe me, most people thing seem to think that I'm wholly unaffected by the condition. I'm really not and my autism tends to come out more in certain environments.  Often I feel that I just don't know the right way to do things at times; dealing with slightly sensitive topics such as disability means that I'm inclined to put my huge size 9 feet in certain places I should not.

It doesn't mean that I want to give up though - I really don't and plan to try to make a difference somehow.  It's just so hard for me - at least I was actually paid money to deal with this kind of thing during my career, now that I'm doing it for free it seems to piss me off so much more.

*Update* - 4th October 2017

Due to the fact that I couldn't really see what the build site looked like on the world wide web, I published the website live last week.  Apart from my husband (and now the bloggersphere, such as it is) I have told nobody.    The committee meeting is tomorrow morning ...

I am planning to emigrate tonight.

*Update* - 22nd October 2017

Both myself and my husband quit the charity last Thursday.  Apologies if my rather abrupt communication style and blog upset anyone - I really didn't mean to.  Thank you to the Branch Officer too - you were great.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Post #116 - Gaming In The 1980s

When I was a child growing up in the 1980s, video gaming was very much in its infancy.  Saying that, me and my two brothers were bought handheld electronic games though (complete with the mandatory four way chunky adaptor).  My stepfather purchased a Sinclair ZX81 early in the decade and then we upgraded to a 48K model (in full colour!) about a year later and hooked it up to our Sony Trinitron 14in portable television.  My first great love was Thro' The Wall  which was included on the Spectrum Horizons introductory cassette.

Thro' The Wall (bring on the wall?) was a bit like Sir Clive's ersatz version of Space Invaders.  That said, it was better in my eyes (way back then because I didn't have to venture into scary amusement arcades ...) My mum enjoyed it, especially when the puck managed to penetrate the top row of bricks(!)

Daley Thompson's Decathalon was another favourite in our household. My older brother broke the keyboard/motherboard by continually pounding away at it with two fingers and later on, a technical Lego wheel he made especially for the purpose of beating his younger siblings.

Also, I tended to like those extended adventure games such as Everyone's A Wally.  This was a follow up from the classic Pyjamarama and included the same cast of characters, namely Wally Weeks and his family.  I never completed this game, but still enjoy watching the game play on YouTube.

Mum (and my stepfather by then) purchased a 128K Spectrum after a couple of years and we played with that instead.  I can't say that I really noticed much improvement in its computing power though.